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Wind dragons (Draco aura) are fast fliers, the messengers for the rest of the dragon population. They could be considered the runts of the litter, having little to no fighting ability and a weak breath weapon.


The Babylonians first bred these small, fast dragons to be messengers. They could carry coded messages between city-states and proved very effective for conveying strategies and secret plans. However, after the fall of the Babylonian Empire, wind dragons were forced out of their homeland by their larger neighbours, such as the notoriously fierce tunnelling dragons and dominant fire dragon. Eventually, wind dragons settled in deserts and grasslands where they were relatively safe from predators.


A wind dragon can have any scale color, but most are very dark or very light, with not much variety in between. They have small claws and enormous wings that are incredibly disproportionate in size to their miniature bodies. This, along with their hollow bones and slender frame, makes them the second fastest of all dragon fliers. the only dragon faster than them is the Night Fury. They are also the only species of dragon that can fly backwards and brake in midair. Their wings beat at about the speed of a hummingbird, earning them the nickname of "hummingbird dragon".