Water dragons (Draco aquarius) are among the most gentle and noble dragons. They are friendly to nearly all dragon species (except Fire Dragons) and are rather shy and seclusive but are a truly beautiful sight if you are lucky enough to spot one.


The very first water dragon evolved from early water serpents and was named Aquarius. He was wise and powerful and is still the reigning king of the water dragons. From him, the rest of the species is descended.

For many centuries, water dragons grew in population and were not bothered by other dragons or humans as no other dragon could live in water. Then arrived the modern age, bringing with it the terrible water pollution and waste-dumping that nearly rendered the water dragons extinct. To this day, polluting of their waters is still a threat and many organizations are working to protect these gentle giants.


Water dragons are the only dragons to have flippers. They also have small, finlike wings, long, whip-like tails to propel themselves through the water with ease and beautiful scales in shades of blue and green. They are often found in very deep water, so as to protect themselves from predators and have excellent vision and hearing, like most dragons. However, their sense of smell is greatly impaired, probably due to the fact of living underwater and this makes them impervious to most gaseous breath weapons that other marine or semi-marine dragons use.

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A majestic water dragon

Their breath weapon is something like a thin, concentrated jet of steam or water that looks a bit like steam from a whale's blowhole. It can be very effective for knocking enemy dragons out of the air, not to mention scalding them with burning water and fumes.

Depending on where they are sighted, water dragons may possess flowing manes located in a ring about their neck. The hair of these manes may range from thin and fine like thread to thick and flat like seaweed (with thin-maned water dragons being most prominent in Asia).

See the picture at right for a more detailed look at the water dragon and its many marine adaptations.