Dragon Handbook Wiki

In my efforts to restart The Draconic Alliance noticed that The Dragon Handbook was being merged into Dragons Wiki. Having spoken to the person who proposed the merge and the administraitor of Dragons Wiki the merge was abandomed with it being decided that The Dragon Handbook would be used for fannon content while Dragons Wiki would be used for content from francises.

However, I have also noticed that both The Dragon Handbook and Draco Fannon Wiki have the same purpose namely fannon on the subject of dragons. However, both wikis are inactive with The Dragon Handbook last being edited on the 8th of august this year while Draco Fannon was last edited in the dark ages of 2012!

In an effort to renew The Dragon Handbook, attract edits on Draco Fannon Wiki's content and reduce the number of small wikis and duplication in The Draconic Alliance I am proposing that Draco Fannon be merged into The Dragon Handbook.

If anyone has any objections please do not hesitate to share them in the comments bellow.