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The Tornado dragons (Draco Turbo) are a relative to the peacful Wind Dragons that were bred from a small group of Dark allegiance Wind dragons and Lightning dragons creating the Tornado Dragons. 


The Tornado Dragons— like the Wind Dragons, are exceedingly fast flyers with very large wings, but unlike Wind Dragons they have a more proportional body to their wings due to their relation to Lightning Dragons. This makes them not as fast compared with Wind Dragons. Tornado Dragons have a blue gray to gray hue of scales, commonly blue. Unlike the Wind Dragons, Tornado Dragons have an extremely strong breath attack of stormy winds that almost looks like tornadoes coming from its mouth. Some Tornado Dragons are rumored to be able to breath lightning like the lightning dragons. 


Enraged from the tunneling and fire dragons kicking their ancestors out of their home they wanted to fight their fellow Dark allegiance dragons but Catylketz intervened and they vanished. The Tornado Dragons have gone into legend now and tales of the proud race or dragons spread across the world. Some say that they are waiting with Catylketz for the right moment to strike and are biding their time, increasing their numbers. 

Tornado dragons are usually found when a powerful tornado strikes. Multiple were found when the tri-state twister formed.