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Steam dragons (Draco vaporis) are a Hybrid, obtained from breeding a Water Dragon with a Fire Dragon. They are proud and headstrong but, despite their cocky nature, will usually shy away from a battle. Along with this, they will generally try to avoid conflict.


The first steam dragon was born when a female water dragon named Coral bred with a male fire dragon named Ignites. He was named Vaporis, and he was selfless, generous, and caring. Vaporis was responsible for allowing more steam dragons to be born.

When Vaporis saw his parents' joy when they realized they had created a new species of dragon, he wished to give other water and fire dragons the chance to feel that happiness. Once he could fly, Vaporis set to finding other water and fire dragons and bringing them together so more steam dragons could be born.


Steam dragons' bodies appear to be made of gas, although this is not true because if it was, they couldn't have the essential organs needed to survive; instead, they have an inner and outer set of scales. The outer set is gray and transparent, making it look like steam. The inner set copies what is on the other side, making the scales look fully see-through. The reason for this is unknown.

Steam dragons have small, round, bright eyes and long, thin tails. Since they rarely land, they have huge, powerful wings to keep them in the air for most of their lives and light bodies that allow them to 'float'. They inherited the water dragon's impaired sense of smell, damaging their hunting abilities. Unfortunately, the small eyes they got from the fire dragon also disables their vision, so they use one of the only decent senses they have - hearing - to hunt.

They have no breath weapon, but instead are able to blend into their environment, partly thanks to their unique scales. A common hunting tactic that works for hunting as well is to use hearing to locate prey or an enemy/enemies, then to camouflage themselves and wait for the prey/enemy/enemies to come to them. When the prey/enemy/enemies is/are in attack range, the steam dragon will un-camouflage and lash out at it/them with long, sharp claws and fangs.