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Space dragons were variably similar to wyverns. They had three portions to their mass: a torso with wings, frontal legs/arms and it's head with black splacial spikes protruding from it's head- sometimes from it's nose over its head down it's spine all the way to the end of its tail.

The wings of the dragon are transparently, with the ridges of the wings as hard as the dragon itself- just the flaps under the scourged cropping have vectrumed.

Their two front legs are well scripted to snatch, claw and place themselves as they wish whether for battle or to free them as they glide through the quantum of the universe. They're just like the second part of their body but are not contorted to remain that way, but they are detached from the torso.

The second part of it's body comes to be a spiked ball of mass. Magically enfused by spaceal quantum storms- which helps the dragon navigate through space after it's conquered a dangerous section of it. Usually a black hole or however, destroying a moon to a planet and then returning to normal flight between the collision impacts and chaos to remember its prowess through space. Most of those dragons return to their former realm to reign as powerful as they got. The space dragon on the other hand like's the space mercenary feel instead. They went through a planet full of electric storms and destroyed it with a moon or said black hole.

That second piece floats and hovers in statically charged inclement power. It helps keep the dragon stable, and fast through the space. So does the tail.

the dragon looks mainly like a sleek scourge of metal.