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Shadow dragons (Draco necromae) are among the more mysterious and rare dragons. They live amid the darkness and the shadows and are never seen in the light of day.


Shadow dragons have a largely unknown history. What historians can deduct is that they are born from the darkness dragons and the light dragons, perhaps a subspecies of both, although they are much more intelligent, sleek and mystic.

Appearance and behaviour

Most shadow dragons are completely black or very dark violet, with shining silver or blue, red and purple eyes. Some are even partly translucent to blend in perfectly with the dark of the night.They also have in the daylight white translucent scales,ocean blue eyes.They have large, powerful wings and slender, agile bodies, normally without visible scales or claws. Their abilities, powers and breath weapon are known largely as the shadow mana of the universe. Shadow dragons are apparently nocturnal, only venturing out at night to court other shadow dragons or wander aimlessly in the dark. They seem to be very peaceful and there have been no sightings of a shadow dragon fighting or showing aggressive signs Unless threatened or corrupt. Some shadow dragons even let humans approach them.

If you look closely on a clear, dark night, you may see one rearing from the blackness, majestic, mysterious and pure.


Some shadow dragons are allied with the powers of the light: They protect everything light, including the three zodiacs and the light dragons themselves.

However, other Shadow dragons are allied with the powers of darkness and can sometimes be found roaming old, haunted castles late at night, their misty forms proving hard to detect.


Shadow dragons have made many astounding advancements in the fields of research, science and daily life. They are working on a cure for dragonbane, a deadly dragon poison and have contributed much to modern society, even if we don't realize it. Perhaps dragons, in general, are more intelligent than we credit them to be. How shadow dragons gained this much intelligence is uncertain but since they live and breathe the mana of the world it is likely that they are one of the most powerful dragon species in existence.

We must protect them at all costs ; they could be our watcher, protectors and even our spirit guardian.