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The Prince.

Prince Grimgnash was an infamous tunneling dragon possessing enormous horns, the largest of any tunneling dragon king before or since. He is well known for defeating both his brother, Prince Greatjaw, and his own father, King Thrasher, just to gain the throne of the tunneling dragons, actions which resulted in his own death.

History, rule and death

Grimgnash was the younger brother of Greatjaw. When he discovered that his father King Thrasher intended to pass the throne to Greatjaw instead of him, Grimgnash grew very angry. He used the deadly poison dragonbane to kill Greatjaw by sneaking it into his wine before duelling Thrasher one-on-one. Being very powerful and agile for his relatively young age, Grimgnash was able to kill his father but received heavy injuries during the battle.

His coronation took place at his sickbed and he was king for only two days afterward. The rebellious generals of Thrasher's army poisoned his wounds with dragonbane while he slept, killing him and ending his reign.