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Moon dragons (Draco lunam) are a largely mysterious species, like the infinity dragons. Also called lunar dragons or night dragons, they prowl the skies when the moon is full and are strangely absent when it is new. They are the infinity dragon's counterpart because the infinity dragon is also the sun dragon. The difference between them is that the moon dragon's species is known by scientists, making it slightly less obscure than the infinity dragon, whose species is unknown.


Like the infinity dragon, nothing is known about moon dragon history but as it has been seen many times before, historians can tell us what it looks like and how it behaves. It has dark blue, purple or even black scales and enormous wings that are incredibly disproportionate to its slender body. In flight, one could mistake them for a shadow dragon but they actually seem to be unrelated.


Moon dragons rely on the moon for their powers and so are mostly nocturnal. Legends and the ordinary person will say that these dragons are vicious and violent; however, this is misleading.

Moon dragons tend to be after one thing: moonstones to add to their hoard. These glowing rocks have the ability to provide the dragons with more power and so, those that are greedy often will raid a village in search of their favorite treasure.

However, those that are not blinded by greed for power are quite wise and noble and prove to be excellent fliers in the cool night air.


Moon dragons are fond of high, snowy places or cliffs where they can be close to the moon. A particularly favored habitat of these dragons is the Himalayan mountains, as Moon dragons are one of the few species that can withstand the harsh climate of this famed mountain range.

However, though they love snowy places, a Moon dragon will never be found at either of the earth's poles, for if they dared to venture into this territory, they would surely be run off by Ice dragons.