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The mind dragons (Draco animus) are majestic, mysterious creatures. They aren't seen much but people can feel their minds, as if someone was there but they cannot see them.


Mind dragons have been around for thousands of years. They aren't a hybrid but rather their own unique species. They have a habit of popping up where something revolutionary is going on. They choose to help humans sometimes by giving them ideas in their thoughts from time to time. They have been known to help colonies become independent. It was a mind dragon that told George Washington to sail the Delaware River and inspired his strategic moves. An evil one once helped Adolf Hitler in World War II but he had too many of his own kind opposing him to be victorious. Their presence can often be felt when Dragon spotting but never when Dragon Hunting.


These dragons are a deep blueish-purple color. Their spikes on their back are small and overall they are not large. They have four limbs. They have no breath weapon because they need to only use their mind to get what they want. They can be light or dark, depending on the dragon. Some have used their mind control for evil but many use it to benefit others. They live in places where there are very few people. Many of them live in the forests and plains of Africa.