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Metal dragons (Draco metallum) are wondrous dragons in their own right, fashioned entirely of gleaming titanium and various other minerals. They appear to come from the same planet as the crystal dragons or at least one with a similar environment.


The earliest known sightings of metal dragons date back to the time of the Greek city-states, where various citizens reported seeing them fly overhead. Anything else about the metal dragons and their history remains largely unknown. They are very mysterious.


Most metal dragons have silver metal plated scales and enormous steel wings. Their appearance greatly varies.

Social Orders

The metal dragons are an interesting species in that they have their own classes, ranks and social orders. Depending on the color of their chestplates, the orders are as follows:

Goldiens - The Goldiens are the leaders of the metal dragons, easily identified by their shining gold chest plates. Only ten Goldiens can exist at the same time. If one dies, a Copperoid is immediately elected to take its place.

Copperoids - Copperoids are something like of the nobles of the metal dragon world, shown in the picture above. They run most small tribes and bands of metal dragons and usually have excellent fighting skills. If one of them dies, usually no other dragon takes its place.

Redoids (Grunts) - The rest of the metal dragons have deep red chest plates and are known as redoids. They are the civilians of the metal dragons and are usually soldiers.