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Light dragons can refer to two different types of dragon. It can mean any dragon who opposes the forces of darkness or it can mean the specific type of dragon, which is usually referred to as a cosmic dragon. This page will talk about the cosmic dragon, or Draco mundani.


Cosmic dragons, sometimes called star dragons or astral dragons, originated from a distant planet, although researchers are unsure exactly which one and where it is located. They are powerful, majestic beings whose worst enemies are darkness dragons and chaos dragons. Cosmic dragons are determined to usurp Catylketz from the universe forever and they do not believe that he is truly dead.


Most cosmic dragons have light colored scales, normally in shades of white, purple, yellow and orange. A few are red or pink. They have large, batlike wings (rarely feathery wings) and can have two or four limbs, thin and virtually muscle-less. Cosmic dragons spend most of their life in the air and rarely alight on the ground unless they are in a battle situation. If threatened they use their powerful breath weapon, a stream of pure white fire.


Among the most fantastic and rare phenomenons of nature is a light dragon's courting ceremony. They circle in the air in lavish patterns, swooping and swerving and performing many rituals of closeness. Researchers can only deduct that every courting ritual is different and there is no apparent pattern to how they are performed each time.