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Lava dragons (Draco igneus) are not only one of the most beautiful dragons, but also one of the deadliest. Don't let their looks fool you - these particular dragons can wipe you out with a puff of smoke and flame.


Around the time Mount Vesuvius erupted, the king of the lava dragons, Volcanix, rose to power. He was a powerful and competitive leader and treated his own kind with great dignity and respect but all other dragon species with contempt and brutality.

At one point Volcanix became so powerful that the dragon god Quetzalcoatl realized something had to be done or he could outshine even the mighty King Thornclaw. So he caused an enormous tsunami to smash against the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea, where many lava dragons (including Volcanix) dwelled. Volcanix was killed by the blast, along with many of his fellow lava dragons. After that day, the leaderless lava dragons scattered all around the world, hiding in ancient volcanoes and hoping a leader will one day rise to again form them into a powerful army.

At least one lava dragon has been found near every major volcanic eruption in recent history. Multiple lava dragons were found when Mount Saint Helens blew its top.


Most lava dragons are strikingly beautiful, with intricate, dark scales, fiery spikes and wings. They have one of the most deadly breath weapons of any dragon - a gush of scalding lava. This weapon is unique since they must be near a volcano to use it; they immerse themselves in the magma, absorbing it into their own flesh so that when confronted, the absorbed lava races up their throats and pours out of their mouth, eliminating their opponents with ease. It is rumoured that sulfur vents may be the mouths of lava dragons.