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King Thrasher

"Hornless, you say? Maybe, but you can easily say that my great claws certainly make up for that. Even King Toxinbreath didn't have such great things to brag about," King Thrasher

King Thrasher was the elected ruler of the tunneling dragons, known for his cruelty and brutal leadership. He did not have large horns common in tunneling dragons but enormous, sharp claws for digging into the earth.

History and Description of Rule

Thrasher was elected soon after the tunneling dragons escaped from slavery and appointed a king. He was apparently chosen after winning a fight against the other candidate, Rostimus the Brave. It is unknown exactly what happened to Rostimus but historians believe he died during or shortly after their fight. His remains have not yet been found.

Thrasher's Death/Coronation of Grimgnash

Thrasher ruled over the tunneling dragons for seven centuries, until he was killed in a bloody fight with Prince Grimgnash. Grimgnash was in fact his own son and the younger brother of Prince Greatjaw. After learning that Greatjaw was to become king after Thrasher died, and not he, Grimgnash became furious. He killed Greatjaw by tricking him into drinking dragonbane, the only known poison with the ability to kill a dragon. Then he fought an epic duel with Thrasher. Both were severely wounded but Thrasher ended up losing the fight.

Shortly after Grimgnash's coronation he died of the wounds he received in his battle with King Thrasher. It was later revealed that Thrasher's rebellious generals had poisoned his wounds while he slept.