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The mighty King.

An Earth Dragon.

King Thornclaw is the majestic ruler of the earth dragons. He has a long history of mighty deeds and epic battles and is commonly thought of as one of the most powerful dragons in existence. This fact, however, is disputed and some believe that Catylketz and Quetzalcoatl have more power.

Birth and Coronation

It is said Thornclaw was born when a shooting star fell from the night sky, landing in the middle of a forest in Siberia. The star's remnants formed a golden egg, which later hatched into Thornclaw. Some believe his mysterious powers came from the cosmic dragons.

Thornclaw grew up in a small tribe of earth dragons. Their leader, King Ranticus, was a darkness dragon acting as an earth dragon. Later, young Thornclaw discovered this treachery and destroyed Ranticus in an epic duel, effectively gaining control of the tribe. He ruled with a fair and just heart and word of his kindness spread. Eventually he became the ultimate ruler of the earth dragons.

Duel with Catylketz

Catylketz, the dragon god Quetzalcoatl's evil brother, heard of King Thornclaw and decided he wanted to be king of the earth dragons to corrupt their powers and turn them into darkness dragons. He confronted Thornclaw on Mount Kilamanjaro and they fought furiously. Neither could destroy the other because both were too powerful. Eventually as they fought, the volcano began to erupt. Thornclaw battered Catylketz with his massive wings and forced him into the lava just before flying away in victory.

Catylketz, however, survived and went on to battle Quetzalcoatl.

Powers and abilities

It is said Thornclaw has the powers of the rare subspecies of earth dragon called the mystic dragon because he can see glimpses of the future. He is also extraordinarily intelligent and has a lethal breath weapon of golden fire. No other dragon has this type of breath weapon, except perhaps the light dragons, who breathe white fire slightly less powerful than Thornclaw's.