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|image=Fantasy Stock Art Jungle Dragon

|name=Jungle Dragon



|subspecies=Forest dragon, Vine dragon


|coloration=Green and brown

Jungle dragons (Draco truncatis) are among the most secretive dragons known to man they can blend in with their forest habitat and can shoot venom from their fangs. Thanks to these skills they can sneak up on anyone and can turn invisible when there in their forest homes.

History Jungle dragons first appeared in south America were they stayed hidden in the rainforest, when quezelquatle found out he wanted to befriend one and try to convince the jungle dragon king to have access to his army and help him win the war agianst the darkness dragons.


They have green scales and can camafloge at will thanks to the vemon they can take down enimies and their breat weopon is something like poisonous gas when these guys are first hatched they have brown scales and as they grow they get their green scales and they don't have their fangs until they are 7 years old and can't shoot their venom until they are 8 years old.