300px-Elemental Dragons

The five elemental dragons, depicted in Chinese art.

Elemental dragons are the five main species of dragons related to the classical elements of the world around us. The four terrestrial elemental dragons are known to us as water dragons (Draco aquarius), fire dragons (Draco ignis), earth dragons (Draco terram) and the ice dragons (Draco glacie). The fifth, which is known only as the infinity dragon (Draco solem), is said to be immeasureably powerful. The species of this mysterious dragon is still unconfirmed.

Depictions in artEdit

When people think of the general species of dragon, normally an image of an elemental dragon comes to mind. This has inspired many artists to create beautiful works of art featuring them, like the one shown above. The picture is a painting from an ancient Chinese civilization, possibly the Yin Dynasty, lost to the ages.