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The electric dragon (Draco electricum) is one of the most bizarre and unique dragon species, possessing a long and interesting history.

The first electric dragons

The very first electric dragon was created in a high-tech lab in 1923. Its creation was kept quiet by the US government and filed into part of a secret FBI plan. The next electric dragon was about the size of a person's head and was made of scrap metal and electrical charge.

Eventually, the FBI developed more sophisticated and powerful versions of the electric dragon. One such version, Model X73, was the size of a house and was probably the first built. However, in 1931 a scientist working on X73 lost control of the dragon, leading to its escape from the laboratory. A quiet hunt was quickly put into place but X73 was never found.

Years later, we now know that X73 was the first of many long generations of electric dragons. To this day their numbers rank them among the most common dragons, located throughout North America, Europe and Russia.


Electric dragons look very strange compared to most other dragon species. They are made entirely of metal and glitter with sparks of electricity, whether it be blue, green, or any other color. Wherever an electric dragon is present, electronics malfunction and the dragon may become briefly visible.

It is disputed whether the king of the electric dragons was X73.