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Crystal dragons are particularly prized by hunters.

Dragon hunting is an illegal and dangerous practice that involves the purposeful tracking and killing of dragons. Most governments greatly disapprove of this so-called "sport" but there are a few rare exceptions, such as in the case of the highly aggressive tunneling dragon.

The Dark Years

The "Dark Years" are another name for the period from 1920-1940 in which dragon hunting was at its peak. In 1900 there were over one million dragons in the world. By 1940 only ten thousand remained. Noticing this, the United Nations passed a law cracking down hard on this illegal industry and putting a brutal end to dragon hunting practices everywhere. Still, some smugglers and poachers remain and, to this day, dragons are still in danger of extinction as a result.

Dragon hunting today

Very few dragon hunters have been caught and many are still at large. There are a few small groups protecting the dragons and some governments also protect them but usually only the highly endangered varieties. Dragon spotting is encouraged but hunting is still a major conservation problem to this day and age.