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A fan-generated wiki all about dragons; feel free to add your own input!

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Welcome to the Dragon Handbook Wiki. Here, just have some fun posting and learning about dragon species. Please feel free to add some of your own pictures, etcetera, I am very open to your creative input! :)

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Main users

- StormingDragon, the founder of the wiki. Rather eccentric.

- Zen Shadow, founder of the Geisha World Wiki.

- Wyvern Rex, admin on the Ologypedia Wiki and many others.

- NewsCentral, StormingDragon's colleague and one of his top Handbook editors.

- PNG Bot, who mainly edits pictures. He is a bot, but StormingDragon controls him, so technically it makes him a user.

- LinksAwesome, who works mainly on the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wiki, but edits here too; Links joined only recently and I welcome him to the wiki!

-DDfan80, who just joined; he is the founder of Inheritance Roleplay Wiki and Camp Demigod Wiki


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