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Death dragons (Draco mors) are among the most fearsome and unnerving dragons in the world. They are incredibly aggressive, fierce and powerful, not to mention dangerous, to all who come near them. They are feared by dragons and humans alike.


The origin of death dragons is unknown but they first began to appear to humans during the time of the Black Death. Rumours were of "reapers of death and plague, on four legs, with wings like the devil's and eyes like the red pools of Hell." This could also refer to a chronic dragon but historians are quite sure death dragons were at least partly responsible for the Black Death, not to mention many other terrible illnesses and plagues that struck throughout the ages. Catylketz apparently enjoyed using these as his tools of mass destruction over the years.


Death dragons look like walking skeletons, with pure black scales stretched over a long, sinuous body. Their eyes paralyze humans and dragons alike and they can devour both the living and the dead within seconds of an unfortunate encounter. Some believe that they eat souls through their mouths, giving them the popular name of "Death Eaters". Others think they simply breathe the essence of death.


Most death dragons are wandering carnivores, although some make their homes in graveyards or on battlefields. They seem to particularly enjoy places where there has been bloodshed and death, such as old war sites and memorials. A death dragon can be instantly killed by the light of day, like the darkness dragon, so they are highly nocturnal, only wandering out of their caves on the darkest of nights. They are at their greatest power on a night of the full moon, which is why some people confuse faraway death dragon sightings for wolves.


Death dragons are sometimes mistaken as zombie dragons but they are really the same species, under a different name.