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Darkness dragons (Draco tenebrae) are among the most cruel and evil dragons, along with the tunneling dragon, having no elements of mercy within their dark, beady eyes.


It is said that long ago, light dragons ruled the world. Quetzalcoatl the dragon god reigned in that time, along with his brother, Catylketz. But Catylketz wanted to be the prime dragon god instead of a minor god, so he created his own species of dragon to help him in his conquest of the world - the notorious darkness dragon. Then he challenged Quetzalcoatl to a duel for control of the universe. Quetzalcoatl, with the help of his light dragons, won and banished Catylketz to a dark dimension of evil.

Centuries later Catylketz returned to power as the king of the darkness dragons. This time he had more dragons on his side, including the tunneling dragons and the horrible chaos dragons. Chaos dragons are still the most powerful dragon species in the world. Quetzalcoatl and Catylketz fought once more and this time Catylketz was completely obliterated. However, darkness dragons still roam the earth in search of their lost king, destroying any light dragons who get in their way.


Darkness dragons have flat, spiky faces with enormous teeth and powerful jaws. They have very sharp hearing, eyesight and smell but relatively poor intelligence. However, they are brutal in battle and can even defeat the massive lightning dragon.

Most darkness dragons crumble to ash when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore they usually cower in caves, developing very dark or black scales to blend into the darkness.

Death of a darkness dragon

Darkness dragons have very unique deaths: after they die, their remains are sucked into the darkness of the universe and become black holes. In the case of the lesser darkness dragons, they become dark matter. Either way, the black holes are terrible things in that they suck in everything around them so that even light cannot escape. Many light dragons have been lost in this manner.