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Crystal dragons (Draco gemma), also called gem dragons, are beautiful, rare dragons that (like the cosmic dragon) come from another planet. Both may come from the same planet but this is probably not the case.


Historians love to theorize about the environment of the planet where the crystal dragon evolved. It takes incredibly hot temperatures to form gems, so these dragons may have once lived on Venus. They did not develop wings, probably due to a thick, hazy environment where the air was too dense to fly. Crystal dragons may have made their way to earth in a meteor since it is altogether likely they could survive the blast with their impenetrable scales.


Crystal dragons' scales are made of pure diamond and they are covered in enormous spikes made of amethyst, jade and sometimes even rare turquoise. Even their claws are made of the same material. They don't seem to have many enemies and are very solitary dragons in their own right. They do not have wings but even if they did, the precious stones that make up their bodies would be too heavy to carry in flight. They shine and sparkle when they catch the light on their scales.

Encounters with poachers

Sadly, crystal dragons are incredibly rare, due to the eager poachers who want to sell the thousands of precious gems that make up their bodies. It is very hard to kill a crystal dragon but the terrible deed is commonly done using dragonbane poison.

To this day it is a wonderful, exquisite sight to see a live crystal dragon. However, be sure to keep your distance - they can use their breath weapon of fast-freezing crystalline fluid to encase their enemies in pillars of diamond.