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Cloud dragons (Draco nubem) come from the same family as the shadow dragons and are just as majestic and beautiful. They come in two different kinds - royal and incorporeal.


The cloud dragons have been around ever since the beginning of time. They are incredibly holy and sacred creatures, often referred to as heaven dragons or angel dragons.

Cloud dragons are peaceful and have no ruler; apparently they do not need one, since they never go to war or need any important decisions made for them.


Royal or corporeal cloud dragons have a fixed shape and are pure white or occasionally light blue. They slightly resemble ice dragons but their wings are larger and they have a more elegant, sleek shape. Most royal cloud dragons have four or six legs and they can have two heads. They have no breath weapon.

On the other hand, incorporeal cloud dragons, like the one shown in the picture, have no definite form and are mostly gaseous instead of solid. These are often called "ghost dragons" or are even mistaken for shadow dragons. Still, there are some prominent differences; they are light blue and are only visible at night. Incorporeal cloud dragons can have many limbs or just a few. Some have no limbs and long, serpentine bodies.