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Holly the Christmas Dragon

This is a fun page just for the holidays, so please don't bother if the quality is less than usual! Merry Christmas! :o)

Holly the Christmas Dragon is the most festive dragon you'll ever see. Her specialty is negotiating Christmas peace for all dragons so that they can celebrate this special holiday together..


Technically speaking, Holly is an earth dragon, but later she developed into a full-fledged Christmas Dragon. When she was very young, she became best friends with a young human boy. It was from him that she learned about the holiday of Christmas, and was disappointed that dragons didn't celebrate it because it sounded like so much fun!

Holly returned to her tribe and convinced them to spread word about Christmas. At first they were uncertain, but as she told them about the magic of giving, they agreed to celebrate the holiday. King Thornclaw helped spread the word, and eventually, nearly every dragon today celebrates Christmas. (Save, of course, the most evil dragons, like the chaos dragons.)

Holly's important role

Believe it or not, Holly also plays an important part in our human Christmas. She is responsible for flying very fast to ensure St. Nicholas reaches every house on Earth to deliver presents in one night; her speed alone is that of a hundred reindeer!

Holly is considered something of saint among dragons, and will continue urging all of us to celebrate Christmas for generations to come.