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Breeze dragons (Draco ventulus) are one of the most seclusive and mysterious types of dragons. They are well known for their beautiful, regal appearances and are often associated with royalty.


The first breeze dragons were closely associated with the wind dragons. However, over time, wind dragons began to mate with light dragons, creating this cross-breed. As more and more breeze dragons came into being, they quickly spread into New England and throughout South America and Asia, going from a sub-species to a species in a few months. Breeze dragons were never truly domesticated, although they are reportedly very friendly dragons who speak to humans in their dreams as well as in visions. Breeze dragons are often confused with wind dragons because of their similar name and powers. However they are no longer truly related and have different adaptations and lifestyles.


Breeze dragons normally have very light-colored scales so that they can blend in with the sky and ride on the wind. They are smaller than most other dragon species and have long, serpentine bodies. Some breeze dragons have multiple pairs of legs; their king, King Hasephut, has eight legs. Although they look somewhat similar to the cloud dragons, they have bright, jewel-like eyes with no pupils and short, dull horns.

Chernobyl's effects

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster had a massive effect on the population of the breeze dragons, wiping out 80% of their numbers and scattering the survivors throughout Asia and the Americas. It is only speculated why Chernobyl affected them in this way, but it could be argued that as the nuclear waste polluted the air, it affected all air-related dragons. Wind dragons and cloud dragons also were affected, but not as badly.

After some time the breeze dragons slowly began to return to their current numbers. None have been sighted since 2002 it is feared that they may have gone extinct.