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Aquarius, king of the water dragons

Aquarius is the first water dragon. He evolved from water serpents and ancient marine reptiles around the Jurassic time period. Aquarius is widely considered to be the wisest, kindest and most powerful of all the water dragons he rules over.


There is a legend about the birth of Aquarius that says he was born when a pteranodon fell in love with a mosasaur. As Aquarius grew, however, it became clear he was neither of these creatures. Aquarius eventually found others of his kind and helped to found the species of the water dragon.

Coronation and Rule of the aquatic kingdom

After some time, the other water dragons began to look up to Aquarius for wisdom and advice. He quickly became more powerful than their current king, who was a brutal and selfish leader, eventually challenging his authority. The pair fought an epic aquatic duel. Aquarius was the victor but he lost half of his long, whiplike tail during the fight. To this day his swimming is impaired by the loss, even though he now rules over the water dragons with a just and caring heart. he has good relations with fibsh.


Instead of the bright blue or green scales that water dragons normally have, Aquarius has brown-blue scales and large, fin-like wings bigger than those of most water dragons. As mentioned previously, he is missing half of his tail and his right eye is scarred from the battle with the old ruler of the water dragons.