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Acid Dragons (Draco acidum) are a powerful, toxic breed of hybrid dragon. Everywhere they walk, they leave a steaming path of dead vegetation.


The first Acid Dragon was born when a Cloud Dragon polluted from acid rain mated with a Water Dragon, producing a toxic hybrid. This took place in the early 19th century during the Industrial Revolution. They live in toxic environments where other dragons would never dare to go. Their breath weapon is a stream of acid or a cloud of poison, depending on the dragon. Many rivers are polluted because of them. They are as much of a problem as the actual pollution is. Their king is Toxinbreath, who has ruled for their entire recorded history.

Toxinbreath, king of the acid dragons


Acid dragons have either dark green or light purple scales. They are bulky and short with four limbs. Their scales reflect light poorly and they are overall an ugly breed of dragon. Their scales are covered in sludge and acid which makes them toxic to the touch.

They live in toxic, polluted or radioactive environments, such as Chernobyl or wherever toxic waste is dumped. They are known to live in abandoned nuclear waste plants.